//6th Street//

I am always wondering what to say,

what to write,

how to not stumble over my words

when talking to anyone who makes me anxious;

most people make me anxious.

It has always been like this.


That’s why all of my poems

are written on a list in my phone,

while I cry in my car -

because no one wants to approach anyone

crying in their car.


I’ve been wanting to say that I’m sorry.

for coming through your life,

like a tornado through Kansas.

I’m sorry that you experienced

The storm that they have been waiting

to name after me.


I’ve been wanting to write you

a thank you card

because it is what my mother

would have wanted of me.

Though she didn’t want me

to cut our story short

even though you and I both agreed

that it was for the best.


That’s when I learned

that sometimes your own teammates

want to quit the team.

Occasionally there might be

an ‘I’ in ‘team.’


Lately I’ve been running

into the storm just for practice.

I haven’t been saying much.

I’ve been thanking you

and the ground beneath my feet,

like a ritual prayer,

for teaching me that

It is okay

to go into

something unknown

on your own.

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